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The Seeds of Doom Mar 26

Last night I ended up as an extra in a music video. Depending how good the video is, I may elaborate at a later date.

Today I was much less showbiz and traipsed round south London delivering leaflets.

I have taken to snacking on seeds after accidentally catching an episode of All You Can Eat (or whatever it’s called) on Channel 4 on Wedneday night. It reminds me of the line “You eat like a bird” from Psycho. I don’t imagine it will last.

One day to go to Doctor Who! How fitting that the show should be resurrected at Easter giving the literally religious following it has from some of the more extreme fans (“and on the Saturday we watched Rose from the sofa”, etc.).

Speaking of which, here’s a gag from Tory Trouble:

What do you call extremists who crucify themselves on Good Friday?

The Tory party.

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  1. […] A while ago, I mentioned that I’d been an extra in a music video. Said video is now online: High / Low. I crop up a few times in the audience and am easily identified thanks to my much-derided flat cap. […]