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Let me tell you a little bit about Miss Uma Thurman… Apr 28

Went to see Kill Bill Vol. 2 on Sunday. I had been surprised how much I’d enjoyed the first half and the second half didn’t disappoint. As other reviews have noted, the second part is more character based with less of the audacious action scenes of the first, but it retains its fair share of comic book violence (and yay to that). I’m not a film studies scholar so I won’t even pretend to be able to witter about the intertextuality (see Martyn, who makes some interesting points), but suffice it to say that the film is sumptuously photographed and thoroughly enjoyable. The very ending was a little obvious but that didn’t matter, and in the few moments where it almost started to drag, Tarantino’s non-chronological style jumped in to hold things together. Darryl Hannah was very good (I’d only seen her previously in Splash) and the fantastically OTT Pai Mei should get his own series (as Bill, of course, had).

I’ve never been keen on her performances, but with Kill Bill Uma Thurman has redeemed herself. Her conviction for The Avengers is finally spent.

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